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Posts tagged as “Communication”

The Employee Engagement Bridge™


The old methods of dealing with people in companies have failed. A "rebellious" approach from the real world is now to provide the instruction manual to create a corporate culture that produces highly committed employees. But what does all this have to do with "rebelling"? According to entrepreneur Glenn Elliott and HR Director Debra Corey: A lot! To show how it can be done differently, they have the #1 Amazon buyer in the HR 'Build it! The Rebel Playbook for Worldclass Employee Engagement.

Creating trust and human proximity over distance


Human proximity via direct personal contact is currently a rare commodity - and at the same time a core requirement for agile, motivated and independent work. But how do we create this closeness without direct contact? The market is currently flooded with digital tools. Used correctly, they can help to combine the creativity of new work approaches and the dynamics of agile project management with the element of proximity and trust.

Chances of the Corona Crisis: Torsten Katthöfer


Each exceptional situation leads to a concentration of the character of those affected by the effects, depending on the extent of the exception. Ergo, under the current conditions, both new and perhaps undreamt-of strengths as well as the colloquial "weaknesses" become apparent. Especially people who have a leadership role (or at least see themselves as such) could now do two things...

The VOICES 2020


Due to Corona, the conference 'VOICES 2020' had to be moved into the digital space. But how do you organize a 'happening' in the digital space, whose central focus is meeting, exchange and experience? And how can this be transferred to internal corporate communication?

The world remade by COVID-19


Recently, Deloitte and Salesforce partnered up to share an insightful, detailed look at possible future global scenarios in the years to come, which they present in their report "The world remade by COVID-19 - Secnarios for resilient leaders in the next 3-5 years". The thought leaders from Deloitte and Salesforce put shape around longer-range scenarios for reflections by business leaders.