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Posts tagged as “agility”

The illusion of control


How do I create involvement and participation in my organization and when is the right time for it? As early as possible! If information and decisions are strategically kept away from employees, this creates a culture of distrust and resistance that runs counter to the company's goals.

The agility misconception – Part 2


In the companies where I am currently working in the field of team and organizational development, I come across further misunderstandings, which lead to the fact that "agility" has now become a dirty word in some companies. Many employees:inside are frustrated and have "no more desire" for "this next sow that is driven through the village". Here are my top 4 misunderstandings, in addition to the 4 from Gabris part 1.

Chances of the Corona Crisis: Torsten Katthöfer


Each exceptional situation leads to a concentration of the character of those affected by the effects, depending on the extent of the exception. Ergo, under the current conditions, both new and perhaps undreamt-of strengths as well as the colloquial "weaknesses" become apparent. Especially people who have a leadership role (or at least see themselves as such) could now do two things...