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Posts published in “digitization”

Digital Overload – defeating the stimulus satiation


An observation from everyday life (Torsten Katthöfer) “I own a Smartwatch. Such a smart watch, which measures the air pressure and my pulse, tells me everything about my trip while riding my racing bike and which also looks incredibly chic and modern. Originally I bought the Smartwatch for weather forecasting and as a sporty companion, but I soon realized that it could also alert me. First as an alarm clock,…

Creating trust and human proximity over distance


Human proximity via direct personal contact is currently a rare commodity - and at the same time a core requirement for agile, motivated and independent work. But how do we create this closeness without direct contact? The market is currently flooded with digital tools. Used correctly, they can help to combine the creativity of new work approaches and the dynamics of agile project management with the element of proximity and trust.

The VOICES 2020


Due to Corona, the conference 'VOICES 2020' had to be moved into the digital space. But how do you organize a 'happening' in the digital space, whose central focus is meeting, exchange and experience? And how can this be transferred to internal corporate communication?