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Expert panel #1: Chances of the Corona Crisis


The situation triggered by COVID-19 currently presents us with immense challenges – socially, privately and economically. For many people, it means a threat to their existence in the original or economic sense of the word, spreading fear and loneliness can have a strong impact on mental health and social inequalities are increasing in many places. But apart from all this, this exceptional situation also offers a multitude of opportunities! The authors of this blog have therefore each written a short statement from their own perspective where they see the potential of this global crisis.

Justus von Wedeking

“Let’s reactivate the child’s curiosity about its own personality and challenge its choices again.”

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“Digital developments are now being driven much faster and more strongly than before. This creates the opportunity to develop new work environments and formats.”

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Gabri Herrmann
Torsten Katthöfer

“In addition to the natural task as a manager to reduce unreal fears in the best possible way through clarity and optimism, this is the chance to reflect on the roles and structures that have now more or less grown by themselves and, at best, to consolidate them for the future.“

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“By breaking up old patterns of behaviour, the Corona crisis gives us the opportunity to establish new ways of behaviour in various areas of life and to rethink our values.”

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Laura Arndt
Laura Arndt
Tim Bosenick

“Why must ‘new work’ and ‘making money’ be opposites? Let’s combine both and use Corona (or the working world according to Corona) as an opportunity to consciously combine both.”

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