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Chances of the Corona Crisis: Justus v. Wedekind


Can you still remember the first days of school after the summer holidays? The weird guy from the second row suddenly sits a bit more upright than last year and Sabrina all of a sudden looks like a copycat version of Britney Spears. The guy and Sabrina must have reinvented themselves in the last few weeks, again…

This relapsing reinterpretation and reflection of our own personality stops at some age because we think we have found ourselves and because responsibilities for other people seem more important than the responsibility we have towards ourselves: “I am an account manager”

We often no longer have the freedom to question and rethink these decisions. We are driven by performance and career opportunities and want to be the best version of this decision. 

Now, we can’t really compare home office with summer vacation and Britney Spears with account management, but let’s use this chance of forced social distance to get to know ourselves better, just like Sabrina did during the summer vacation. Let’s reactivate the childlike curiosity about our own personality and challenge our decisions once again. 

  • What suits me? 
  • What draws my energy?
  • What do I need to start the day motivated? 
  • What are my values?
  • Where else do I want to go?

If we want to see opportunities in the crisis, I think that self-reflection offers an opportunity for many people to sit more upright in the chair afterwards, like the guy in the second row.

This article is part of the expert panel#1 on the chances of the Corona crisis

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