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Chances of the Corona Crisis: Gabri Herrmann


Corona’s curse, Corona’s chance

Corona is already a curse – and has hit us quite cold and unexpectedly. Nevertheless, many people in Germany and all over the world reacted quickly – and many new and super creative ideas were born: Clubs stream their music with the possibility to buy a digital beer, friends play digital games and more.

What opportunities are there in the world of work?

First of all, corona is a disruption with often very specific side effects. One of them: already existing or emerging trends intensify with great speed. Digital is one such trend. How often has it been said that Germany needs to become more digital. And how little has happened. This is currently changing. Digital formats, tools and working methods are literally exploding and with them the opportunity to create new working environments. Digital workshops, cleverly and intuitively implemented, can now bring teams together more quickly and trainings and workshops can be conducted over distances.

This is a possibility that has so far received little attention: Virtual Reality (VR). Already established in many areas, especially in the gaming sector, it has not yet been considered for digital conferences and workshops. In principle, however, a good VR offers considerably more interaction possibilities and through the intensive experience, the provider also has the opportunity to leave a deeper impression than is possible with the classic video chat. We are curious to see what will come of this. 

This article is part of the expert panel#1 on the chances of the Corona crisis

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