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Chances of the Corona Crisis: Laura Arndt


The opportunity that the Corona crisis offers us is a reflexive process that can be used as a motor for positive change.

The practice theory assumes that we can only really change unconscious ways of thinking and behaving if we become aware of them. In everyday life this is often simply not possible – it is not for nothing that they are often ‘unconscious’. But now, when a break in the everyday arises and many things can no longer be done the same way, we notice our previous values and routines. What was taken for granted now becomes something we become aware of – be it meeting friends, going to concerts, travelling or going out for dinner.

Our values are shifting, elementary things are becoming more important again.

The desire for more humanity in the form of solidarity networks, human closeness and creativity is gaining immense relevance. In order to find solutions for unprecedented problems, we need this unconventional out-of-the-box thinking and the courage to break new ground. Where home offices were previously unthinkable, new forms of digital collaboration can be found. Those who have resigned themselves to the ‘unstoppable climate change’ will be shown that many things are still possible. Those who thought companies or politics were rigid and sluggish are now presented with quick and unorthodox solutions.

For many, this exceptional situation offers a real alternative to a world otherwise perceived as without alternative.

By breaking up old patterns of behaviour, the Corona crisis gives us the opportunity to establish new ways of behaviour in various areas of life and to rethink our values. It thus offers the chance to consciously bring about social and private changes even after the crisis, which place more emphasis on the human aspects of life – even in everyday working life.

This article is part of the expert panel#1 on the chances of the Corona crisis

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